An accelerator for tech change. Let's co-create a more thoughtful future towards technology.

We are a catalyst
& connector
for tech change.

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Let’s Co-create a More Thoughtful Future Towards Technology


We accelerate progress by uniting stakeholders, promoting collaboration, and acting as a hub for the tech change ecosystem. Our efforts make tech more inclusive, multidisciplinary, and participatory.


Ways We Accelerate Tech Change

Citizens & Society

We educate citizens on digital issues that impact their lives and help them have a voice in how products are created to ensure it aligns with their values and goals. All Tech Is Human serves as a repository where interested parties can access valuable resources.



We provide resources to help companies teach employees on how to integrate ethics throughout the company, learn from best practices, and inject a greater level of thoughtfulness in the process.


We inform policymakers on the creation of technology regulations that will benefit society and ensure tech is developed, deployed, and used responsibly. To date, there has primarily been self governance but governments have an important role in ensuring tech is safe, fair, unbiased, maintains privacy, and supports democracy.


Who is part of the tech change ecosystem?
Technologists, academics, artists, advocates, policymakers, designers, students, and others aiming to build a better tech future.

Given that all tech is created by humans, we can ensure that technology is better aligned with our personal and societal values.



Get Involved in the Community

Our goal is to help tech changemakers find each other, which is often a major point of difficulty. Since we are a hub for the tech change ecosystem, you will easily be able to find and connect with other people and organizations involved in the movement. We are also expanding our reach with a team of volunteers across the globe. Interested? Reach out!

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Knowledge Base

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are countless people and organizations doing incredible work around the impact of technology and how we can build a better tech future. Check out our growing list of resources and accelerate the process of progress. Are we missing a valuable resource? Tell us!

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Share Your Research & Events

Are you working on tech ethics research that you would like us to promote or share? Reach out and submit your work for consideration. Does your organization have an upcoming event that is relevant to the All Tech Is Human community? Let us know!

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Tell Us How Tech Impacts You

How is tech impacting your life? We want to know. Have you experienced any issues such as addiction, bias, polarization, misinformation, or an impact on your mental health? On the flip side, have you discovered any amazing tech products that have helped you live out your values and achieve your personal goals? Share your story with us.

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We have a tech problem.
We need a societal solution.

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Dedicated to tech change.

Why has society been so fast with developing technology but so slow with developing the rules and expectations around technology development and use? All Tech Is Human is committed to accelerating the process of progress.