Volunteer Your Talent

Want to increase your skill set and contribute to a good cause? As a startup nonprofit we’re looking for a few generous talented folks with some incredible skills. Are you a skilled designer? Do you shoot rad videos? Can you write a killer grant proposal? Are you researching tech ethics and looking to publish your research in a blog post? Check out the opportunities available and hit us up if you have any questions or have new skills to offer that we haven’t thought of yet.


Graphic Design


Do you have an artistic flare? Want to exercise your creative talents? We need graphic designers to help create a newsletter template, art for the website, as well as toolkits we create.

Video + Photos

During our events we always need someone with SLR skills, a keen eye for photography, and filming and editing skills. That way we can still share content with everyone who wasn’t able to attend.


Grant Writing


Like any startup non-profit, we need funding so we can hire a staff and pay the bills. One of the best ways to secure more funding is to write grant applications. Do you have a knack for writing? Are you familiar with the world of non-profits and grantmaking? We’d love your help!


man reading.jpg

Are you a researcher who would like to share the results of your research on an aspect of tech ethics or the impact of technology on society? If so, our blog is at your service. Whether you’re a student or professional, we’re interested in sharing your insights with the world.