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The Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network

Thanks to the generosity of the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network, we’ve been able to put on four incredible summits this year around in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. Our goal has been to improve the process of how technology is developed and deployed by making it more inclusive, multidisciplinary, and participatory. So far, we’ve brought together over 400 technologists, academics, researchers, designers, product managers, artists, students, policymakers, engineers, and advocates to discuss thoughtful and responsible technology. This underwriting allows us to have a wide variety of people attend our gatherings at an extremely low price—increasing accessibility and broadening the reach for the tech change movement.

The Tech and Society Solutions Lab draws on Omidyar Network’s long-standing belief in the promise of technology to create opportunity and social good, as well as our concern about unintended consequences that can result from technological innovation.


TheBridge, an organization that connects policymakers, politicians, innovators and technologists, increasing understanding and collaboration between these industries! Given All Tech Is Human's mission to unite a broad range of stakeholders to tackle the thorniest issues issue in tech, promote collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, our partnership with TheBridge will help us better accomplish our ambitious goals.



United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

All Tech Is Human will be co-creating an ethical framework to be utilized in the UNDP's Accelerator Labs in 78 countries. Right now we are gathering different perspectives, insights, resources, comments, etc, as this ethical framework comes together. 

Want to submit YOUR ideas to help this project? Fill out this FORM.

"We at the UNDP are looking for a process that helps us develop a framework that is “owned” and adopted by the AccLab network. It should initially be lightweight in its use and offer opportunities to refine and adapt to local needs and unforeseen activities or practices. Instead of prescribing the guidelines, we believe it will be far more effective to co-create the framework with the stakeholders involved.

Currently, we are thinking about a framework that is question-based, enabling and supporting reflective conversations with a team and their stakeholders (from e.g. governments, local communities, private sector).

We are currently thinking about organising the framework around three activity areas:

1. Using technology and data (dilemmas or questions using artificial intelligence, data and privacy)

2. Engaging with communities (dilemmas or questions that arise from ethnographic research, solutions mapping, intellectual property)

3. Testing solutions (dilemmas or questions that arise from experimentation, running trials)

We are open to suggestions with how this framework might take shape and would like your help in crowdsourcing an ethical framework for UNDP's Accelerator Labs.”


Three of our events this year were hosted by our fantastic partner ThoughtWorks. It is a community of individuals who revolutionize software design, creation, and delivery. At the same time, they advocate for social and economic justice and advocate for positive social change. ThoughtWorks is also incubating All Tech Is Human; providing our organization with an office space in Manhattan.